Summer Reading, Writing, and Math Groups

Is your student struggling with reading, writing or math? Rx Groups can help. Students increase confidence and decrease anxiety in a supportive small groups with students at a similar learning level. Groups include a fun variety of interactive activities and games. Rx Groups will meet once or twice each week during the summer and focus on a specific content area. Rx Math develops number sense, problem-solving skills, math fact fluency, math reasoning, and math vocabulary. Rx Reading develops phonemic awareness, and phonics skills along with reading fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. Rx Writing improves grammar, phrase and sentence construction, paragraph writing and the use of prewriting and drafting. Let us know if your student would like to join a group this summer.

About Pathways

For some students, such as those with learning differences, and/or those who fall behind their peers academically, the academic foundation could be weak; however, when the right tools are implemented within an appropriate setting— tools that tackle learning issues at the root— the academic foundation is restored. Most teaching uses only sight and sound, but our multi-sensory approach uses these senses plus touch (tactile) and movement (kinetic) to enhance memory and learning. An NILD Educational Therapist uses interactive, multi-faceted techniques to help struggling students think and learn effectively. [ Continue Reading ]